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Like No Other

PCA Scanner        

    Imaging Spectrometer

Real-time imaging & Portable operation


Starting from 38 k Euro (EU & US price)

Tired of hours-long raster scan to take a single image?

Microbolometer RIGI camera technology does it in a second

Microbolometer RIGI camera technology does it in a second

Missing out on the best real-life experiments? Can’t bring the entire world inside your lab?

Titanium-strong  PCA scanner can fit in an Ikea bag & it won’t break. Attach it to a drone. Throw it in your car. Carry it inside caves or forests.

• Terahertz spectroscopy
• Drone-borne aerial inspection
• Real-time terahertz imaging
• Non destructive testing & quality control
• Layer thickness measurement


Spectroscopy using PCA as a detector


Super fast > 60 dB In < 10 sec

Real-time imaging using RIGI camera as a detector



THz specifications



Spectral range

> 5 THz

> 6 THz

Dynamic range

> 75 dB

> 100 dB

Average power

Up to 100 uW

Up to 300 uW

Total scan range

600 ps

3 ns

THz frequency resolution

< 2 GHz

< 0.5 GHz

Enclosure material



Laser system

Toptica Photonics / FemtoFErb 1560 FD6.5


Fraunhofer / Toptica InGaAs/InP fiber coupled antennas

Optical setup

Off-axis parabolas or TPX lenses


1.  Transmission
2.  Reflection w/ optional angular scan
3.  Dual transmission / dual reflection
4.  Double spectroscopy units
5. Real-time imaging

Imaging camera

RIGI uncooled microbolometer camera and objective. Several options available:

Laser The system engine is a standard Toptica laser for THz systems with fiber compensation and soft mode-locking for optimum THz performance. The laser is extremely reliable with zero failure rate in all of our systems for years now.

Emitter & Detector Fraunhofer HHI antennas (commercialized exclusively by Toptica Photonics & Menlo Systems DE). Type 1: standard with specifications. Type 2: high power (new model) with power up to 300 uW.

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