OH1 Organic Crystal
2-[3-(4- hydroxystyryl)-5, 5-dimethylcyclohex-2-enylidene] malononitrile

•  THz generator and detector​​

•  Multi-THz generator

•  Second harmonic generator

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BNA is a new crystal operating at Ti:Sa 800 nm with similar generation properties to OH1 

Example Output
Expected Output

•  Input laser: 34 mJ OPA near-infrared

•  Output THz: 85 MV/cm

Application 1: Intense Nonlinear Spectroscopy 

Comparison with conventional ZnTe sources:

Application 2: Broadband Linear Spectroscopy

Comparison with conventional Lithium Niobate sources:

Our Crystal Technology in Literature

Nat. Commun. 6, 5976 (2015); Opt. Express 34, 231974 (2015).