DSTMS Organic crystal

4-N,N-dimethylamino-4’-N’-methyl-stilbazolium 2,4,6-trimethylbenzenesulfonate


•  THz generator and detector

•  Multi-THz generator

•  Second harmonic generator

Main Advantages

Superior performance to classical THz generator (ZnTe and Lithium Niobate) from Ti:Sa 800 nm lasers

Special price

Does not apply to the USA, Germany, Switzerland, China, Japan, Singapore, and HK: 


3 mm: 650 Eur; 5 mm: 900 Eur 

Supported by a third party STZR acceleration program for a limited period 

Comparison with sister DAST crystal

•  DSTMS and DAST have similar optical properties

•  DSTMS optical to THz energy efficiency is slightly higher than DAST

•  DAST could show higher peak electric field because of the broader spectrum than DSTMS

•  DAST has higher damage threshold than DSTMS

Example output
Laser Requirements

DSTMS operates with all conventional types of lasers

      • Telecomm fiber

      • OPA

      • OPCPA

Expected Performance

•  Input laser: 34 mJ OPA near-infrared

•  Output THz: 85 MV/cm

Physical Properties
State of the art: Intense non-linear terahertz spectroscopy 
Application 1: Terahertz bullets
Application 1: Terahertz CCD

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